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We design and manufacture various types of coating equipment.

15 years experience in coating applications

Precision Metal Products (PMP) have developed specialised coating systems to homogenously mix granular products with various liquid additives including micronutrients, de-dusting agents and colourants. We offer various types of mixing solutions depending on the application and can accommodate a wide range of capacities.


  • Continuous Paddler Mixers (20TPH – 120TPH)
  • Continuous Trough Screw Mixers (20TPH – 120TPH)
  • Batch Ribbon Mixers (0.5T – 5T)


Our mixing equipment is efficient and very gentle on the product, requiring minimal maintenance. They can be easily incorporated in-line into exiting blending and/or bagging operations or simply supplied as a stand-alone coating operation.


We offer stainless solutions for corrosive environments and mild steel options for standard environments.