pmproducts landfill leachate project

A landfill waste management company approached PMP to assist them in safely eliminating their landfill leachate waste. This was accomplished by mixing Hydrated Lime with the leachate, causing an exothermic reaction to take place which causes the liquid to evaporate leaving behind a dry powder.

The system PMP designed to achieve this objective consisted of the following:


A Volumetric Dosing Screw Conveyor controlled by a variable speed drive is calibrated to feed Hydrated Lime at the required flow rate into a mixing cone. A one ton bulk hopper is fed with bulk bags by a forklift to feed the Screw Conveyor.



Using a flow meter and a series of flow control valves the liquid is accurately fed into the mixing cone where it mixes with the Hydrated Lime and begins the exothermic reaction.

TROUGH SCREW CONVEYORlandfill leachate project pmproducts

The mixture is conveyed at a controlled speed through a long Trough Screw Conveyor allowing the exothermic reaction to take place and the liquid to evaporate.


By the time the product exits the Trough Screw Conveyor it is ready for disposal and an Incline Trough Conveyor transports the product to a bulk truck for transport.

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