Mechanical Rapi Atmospheric Packer (10Kg – 60Kg)

  • mechanical rapi atmosphere packer pmproducts 115Kg – 60Kg Bags

  • Simple, hardy and cost effective machine

  • Easily to install, calibrate and maintain

  • Open Mouth or Valve Bag Clamp

  • For powders and hygroscopic products

TheRapi Packer is an efficient air packaging machine for a wide range of materials which will flow readily under fluidisation, e.g. milled loose minerals, starch, soup powders, cement etc. Each machine can bag at a rate of roughly 20 Tons per hour depending on bag size.The Rapi Packer simultaneously weighs and fills product into the bag with a specially designed fluidisation chamber, the flow is controlled by a pneumatic pinch tube that activates when the bag reaches target weight.

 The Rapi Packer can be quickly and easily installed under a storage bin.All components in the product path are manufactured from stainless steel. The Rapi Packers simplicity of design assures a minimum of maintenance and maximum productivity. We can supply a dust collection unit if so required.

The Gravity packer is pneumatically operated and does not require power or electronics; however we can offer an electronic version for report back facilities.


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