ContinuousBlending System uses a Declining Weight Software to accurately feed each element (NPK’s and Micro Elements) at the correct flow rate. Depending on the application and required tonnage the product will be metered by a Closed Loop Rotary Valve, Servo Controlled Radial Gate or a Micro Dosing Screw for micro elements. The product is then continuously blended using a specially designed Paddle Mixer while the Liquid Additive is added to the blend.

Everything is controlled by PLC which allows highly accurate dosing as well as large capacities. Additionally we can offer report back facilities and SCADA software to control the system remotely.


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Established in 1954, Precision Metal Products started out as a light engineering workshop. Precision Metal Products has grown and developed over time to become an established engineering company that provides equipment and engineering services locally and internationally. Precision Metal Products currently specializes in the design and manufacture of Packaging Machinery, Bulk Materials Handling and Weighing and Filling Equipment.

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