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Supplementary to a Fertilizer Blending Plant we provided for a customer in South Africa, the customer also required a method of receiving product from Bulk Side Tipper Trucks and then Screening and Conveying the product to their existing warehouse into allocated bins using a semi-automated system. The project required a 20 Ton Side Tipper Product Hopper with Trough Conveyor, Screening System with Bucket Elevators and an Overhead Tripper Trough Conveyor System.

Tipper Trucks offload product at the far end of the warehouse into the 20 Ton Bulk Hopper and the Bulk Trough Conveyor feeds the screening system at the required tonnage per hour.

The screening system removes dust and feeds the Overhead Tripper Conveyor System. The fine product is collected in bulk bags at ground level.

Given the height constraints of the existing warehouse we had to design a Tripper Conveyor with Reversible Cross Conveyor in order to effectively fill the warehouse bins to their maximum capacity. The Reversible Cross Conveyor is driven by a variable speed drive in order to either accelerate or drop the product to the left or right.tail section warehouse conveyor system pmproducts

Projects such as this require full scale design and manufacturing capabilities as well as a comprehensive expertise in material handling equipment.


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