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We design and manufacture various types of packing equipment.

15 years experience in packing applications

The Rapi Packer is an efficient and robust Valve Bag Packer for paper or plastic valve bags. This machine is capable of bagging 10kg to 50kg bags at a rate of up to 8 bags per minute using a single operator.


Range of Materials

The Rapi Packer is excellent for bagging free-flowing powders and hygroscopic products such as Lime, Cement, Tile Adhesive, Gypsum, Plaster and various other products.

Dust Collection

The Rapi Packer can be connected to dust filtration system if required.

Easy Installation

The Rapi Packer can be quickly and easily installed as it is transported as a complete unit and the mechanical packer only requires compressed air to run.


The Rapi Packers’ simplicity of design assures a minimum of maintenance and maximum productivity.

Mechanical or Electronic

The Rapi Packer comes standard as a mechanical packer which uses compressed air and counterweights to achieve fast and accurate production. The system can be upgraded to an automatic electronic system with load cells and reporting facility.


  1. Place empty bag on filling tube.
  2. Press “Start” button to open cut-off device and start filling cycle.
  3. After filling is completed, cut-off operates bag clamp retracts and sack is automatically released.